Geothermal Heat Pumps

Switch to Geothermal and Save Up To 80% on Your Heating and Cooling Bills.

A geothermal heat pump system taps into the earth’s even, steady underground temperatures to regulate the comfort of your home with great efficiency. How efficient is it? At Air Comfort, we find that heating & cooling cost reductions as high as 80 percent are common. What’s more, geothermal systems are quiet, clean, easy to maintain and extremely reliable, providing superior humidity and temperature control.

Take Advantage of Cost-Cutting Tax Credits.

Here’s more good news. To help offset the costs of geothermal installations and promote sustainable energy, the U.S. government offers significant tax credits toward the purchase of a geothermal heat pump system. These credits are applied directly to your income taxes for the year in which the system was bought and installed. Tax credits:

  • Amount to 30% of the geothermal system’s cost, with no upper limit.*
  • Apply to both the cost of the heat pump and installation.
  • Are valid for geothermal systems at a primary residence or secondary home. (The credit cannot be taken for systems installed at rental properties.)

Air Comfort’s geothermal experts know how to install and service your system to enhance home comfort year-round and provide peak energy savings over the long run.

For more information on geothermal heating and cooling, check out our selection of ClimateMaster heat pump systems. And for help choosing a system that will qualify for all available tax credits, call the Air Comfort team today at (918) 299-9401.

*Tax credit is subject to IRS regulations. Consult a tax professional for advice on tax preparation.